All masks are NOT created equal

PPE is made for professionals but we believe professional protection should be available to all consumers, especially you.

AirPop bridges the gap in consumer mask options by providing professional-grade performance with consumer level comfort - and innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Interview with co-founder

AirPop was born from a profound need to support health and wellbeing. When AirPop's co-founder was living in China he found his 2-year old and a newborn both suffering from acute respiratory illnesses in reaction to their local environment. China, one of the most pervasive areas for all forms of airborne pollution, poses a year-round health risk. So in order to help his family and millions more, he created AirPop.

AirPop delivers superior performance by solving the 3 critical issues: fit, filtration, and function (breathability). Each of these factors plays a key role in ensuring a reliable, two-way barrier by keeping a tight enough seal around facial areas, without suffocating or being too uncomfortable to wear.


We are all unique

No matter what age, size or shape you are, how chaotic or streamlined your day is, or how jet set or local your life is, AirPop just fits.

We scanned the faces of 4000 men, women and children from all corners of the world to get this right.

From our Innovative nose seal that conforms to your unique face to our soft-touch ear bands to our carrying case for on-the-go needs and everything in between.

Breathe more easily

Breathing in any mask can feel oppressive, we learned this from our in-depth user studies in 2015.

To address this our innovative 3D Air Dome design is engineered for ideal air exchange and reduced CO2 accumulation making breathing much easier.

This also prevents the mask from collapsing onto the lips/cheeks which makes speech difficult and can exacerbate skin/lip irritation.

Professional Grade Filtration

For all of our 4-layer masks and filters, we take extraordinary care to select the optimum blend of materials for continuous high performance and comfort wear after wear.

Our specially selected electrostatic filter media with a permanent electric charge withstands cleaning cycles and maintains performance >10 x use.

That’s more than 40 hours of wear time, 10 times the average disposable medical mask and means a lot less plastic waste.