Quality Assurance and Testing

Class leading performance, tested by the Worlds leading test labs.

Trust is more than just a feeling

Personal Protective Equipment intended for use in hazardous occupations is heavily regulated across the world and must meet strict quality and performance standards.

A medical mask or a half mask respirator is just one piece of the “PPE” that millions of  workers put their trust in every day.

When we began in 2015, there weren’t any mandatory standards in place for daily use civilian masks, so since then our mission has been to bridge that void by creating effortlessly wearable daily use masks that are certified to exceed all professional “PPE” standards for fit, filtration and breathability.

Particulate Matters

“A Particle is a Particle” so even if those particles are comprised of dust, bacteria, pet dander, pollen ,viruses or carbon pollution, they all behave the same way when airborne.

When it comes to filtering these particles, size & mass is relevant though and contrary to common sense, the smallest particles are not the hardest to filter. The most penetrating particle size (MPPS) Is less than  0. micron (μm) in diameter and this represents the “worst case risk” in tests used to evaluate the performance of N95 / FFP2 /KN95 respirators.

The blue line illustrates AirPop filtration efficacy when assessed using   0.1, 0.3 and <3.0 micron sized particles adhering to the same methodology as used in respirators and medical masks testing.

We designed in ‘Airchitecture”

Our innovative 3D Dome design is engineered for ideal air exchange, reducing CO2 accumulation and allows for natural, easy breathing.

This also prevents the mask from collapsing onto the lips/cheeks which can make speech difficult and also exacerbate skin or lip irritation through continuous abrasion.

Our signature material selection delivers an exceptionally light and easy breathing experience that in tests is less than 1/3 of national respirator standards.

Quality Assured Around the Globe

For many people around the world today, their first experience of wearing a face mask began with the 2020 coronavirus pandemic  where in the early stages advice from health officials & governments was "any mask would do”.

That still holds true, but masks are not created equal and with increased scientific knowledge on the efficacy of different designs & materials, many countries have introduced their own guidelines & standards for barrier face coverings so their civilians can choose a face mask they can trust.

To view our test reports, and access the technical data sheets for all products - click the link below.