What are the available sizes of AirPop masks?

Traditional PPE masks are a product of the machines that make them rather than the people that wear them.

We began Airpop by scanning the faces of 4000 men, women and children from all corners of the world to determine the optimum dimensions for our designs and 2 sizes of AirPop masks:

Small - AirPop Kids masks are available in small sizes and are designed to accommodate the average facial dimensions  of 3-12 year olds, although as every face is different, some teenagers and adults can find the Kids masks a good fit.

Adaptive - All adult AirPop masks are designed to be adaptable and accommodate the average facial dimensions of 80% of the adult population.




How do I know if AirPop masks will fit my face ?

Most people don’t know the size of their faces so we’ve created a simple video to show you how to measure yours and check that AirPop will be suitable before you purchase.

Please note that AirPop masks are designed to achieve the optimum fit and coverage of the nose and mouth areas but are ergonomically styled for comfort . As such they may appear smaller than industrial or medical masks you’ve worn previously.